Continuing Ed Requirements For Dentists In Michigan

dental boardToday on WOND we have a special informational article for dentists in our area.

If you are thinking of practicing dentistry in the state of Michigan, you might want to read up on the continuing education requirements for the state.

Many healthcare jobs require people to take CE courses to keep their skills sharp and maintain, and in most cases update, their knowledge in their particular field of practice. This is not uncommon, and most people view it as a chore.

The main goal of CE is, as stated above, to keep your skills up to date with the latest practices in your field. If you were to start practicing in 1970, for example, and never update your practice standards you would find that your treatments are probably far behind today’s prescribed methods.

This is meant to protect both patients and physicians. Like any other healtcare provider, dentists are susceptible to falling behind as well.

CE Requirements For Dentists in Michigan

I needed a little help meeting my requirements and figuring out what they are, so I talked Dr. Dan at Ann Arbor Smiles Dentistry in Michigan. Here are a couple of the takeaways from that conversation as well as my own research.

Every dentist is required to have training and certification in basic or advanced cardiac life support.

A dentist must also have 60 hours of CE courses approved by the dental board. Of these 60 hours, 20 must be clinically related. For example, you can have hours dedicated to delivery care or pharmacology. Those are both considered topics that are related to clinical practices.

If you have a specialty, you must also dedicate 20 hours of CE time to that particular specialty. For example, if you are an oral surgeon you must dedicate 20 hours of CE to oral surgery training.

All of the above requirements must be met withing 3 years of receiving your license.

What About Exemptions/Waivers?

If you fall into any of the following three categories you can usually receive a waiver for your CE credits.

Military Service: In order to receive this waiver you must have practiced dentistry while in active duty. You must also have been licensed at the time when you joined the military and reported for service. The final thing you must do is request that your license be placed in military status.

Absence from the US: You must prove that CE training courses were not reasonably within traveling distance from where you lived when abroad. You must also show evidence that you found alternatives to the CE credit courses that cover a substantial amount of the material covered in standard CE courses.

Other Circumstances Beyond Control: If you have other issues that are beyond your control you can at times obtain a waiver for your CE credits. You must be able to prove that these circumstances were substantial enough to keep you from meeting your CE requirements. For example, and sickness that you suffered from would likely count for a waiver especially if it required time in the hospital.

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OkCupid Frustrating You? Find Real Alternatives Here

cupidToday on 1400 WOND, we will be talking about the OkCupid.

You may have seen in the news recently that OkCupid has been caught experimenting on its users recently. If you recall, Facebook ran into a similar issue just a few months ago where it was accused of running emotional experiments on its users.

Needless to say, social media sites are taking some serious heat from the public in recent months.

OkCupid recently admitted that it also runs experiments on its users. One of the site’s founders, Chris Rudder, wrote in his company blog to explain that these experiments were done to help determine how to build the site.

The goal of the engineers is to find the optimal way to link people together. I’m not sure why engineers would be running social experiments…that seems like something that a psychologist would be more qualified to do.

Chris went on to explain a bit more detail about what had been done. In one case, text would be hidden from profiles to obscure certain information about users.

In another, users who thought that they had found a good match were later told that they were not actually a strong match for each other.

As you can imagine, this begins to toy with people’s emotions and could potentially lead to permanent emotional issues.

Lots of people took to Twitter to voice their opinion about the issues. Not too many people agreed with OkCupid’s actions.

The Huffington Post article on the issue went in to further detail about one of the experiments run on the site. For example, one test in particular was used to find out whether looks really mattered. As you might expect, they do.

The test began by asking users to rate each other based on both personality and looks. The OkCupid team would then hide the test of the member profiles so that only photos would show. The result? Members of the site rated each other evenly between the profile and non-profile versions, showing that even a great profile can’t overcome bad looks.

If you’re concerned about his you might just think about going the old fashioned route and learning how to get a date without the internet. Go out a meet some people! It’s a good thing to do once in a while. You can learn more about this at .

What do you think? Should sites like OkC be allowed to run these types of experiments? If you are a member, how did you react to this news?

Thanks for tuning in!

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1400 Wond Radio Reborn!

micHey there,

As you may have noticed, 1400 WOND (or the “wan” as we call it) has been off the air for a while. But have no fear! We are making a return and should be up and running here shortly.

In the meantime, we will update this site on a regular basis as mush as we can. We are a bunch of busy beavers here at the station, so keep this in mind if you don’t hear from us for a while.

We’ve switched up our format a bit to be sort of a catchall news radio. In our past life we focused more on music and concerts, but we will be switching to more of a news type station from now on.

NPR-iTunesArtwork-256This will be similar in a way to stations like NPR in that we will talk about a bunch of different topics.

Hope this doesn’t aggravate our listeners too much, but it’s always fun to take different routes with this sort of stuff.

If you’re interested you can find out more about us by searching some of our wikipedia pages. We should still be showing up for some of those…we hope!

We will be opening up a forum for people to post ideas on what they want to hear. This should give our community a voice and the ability to give input on what happens on the show. Keep an eye out for that.

We have a cool lineup of people set to come on the show in the near future, so get excited!

Until then, keep rocking WOND-erers!

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