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1400 Wond Radio Reborn!

micHey there,

As you may have noticed, 1400 WOND (or the “wan” as we call it) has been off the air for a while. But have no fear! We are making a return and should be up and running here shortly.

In the meantime, we will update this site on a regular basis as mush as we can. We are a bunch of busy beavers here at the station, so keep this in mind if you don’t hear from us for a while.

We’ve switched up our format a bit to be sort of a catchall news radio. In our past life we focused more on music and concerts, but we will be switching to more of a news type station from now on.

NPR-iTunesArtwork-256This will be similar in a way to stations like NPR in that we will talk about a bunch of different topics.

Hope this doesn’t aggravate our listeners too much, but it’s always fun to take different routes with this sort of stuff.

If you’re interested you can find out more about us by searching some of our wikipedia pages. We should still be showing up for some of those…we hope!

We will be opening up a forum for people to post ideas on what they want to hear. This should give our community a voice and the ability to give input on what happens on the show. Keep an eye out for that.

We have a cool lineup of people set to come on the show in the near future, so get excited!

Until then, keep rocking WOND-erers!

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